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important update for this sunday


As we’ve said, the details with COVID-19 and our response is a fluid situation. We want to continue to be informed, prayerful, and wise. We are so excited to announce that have just been cleared to go ahead with church in the building! We will be having live, in person service, and will be following all of the new CDC guidelines. If you are concerned or of high risk, please stay home and watch our livestream! We absolutely cannot wait to see you all in person! 

Thank you for being on this wild and crazy journey with us! We’re going to keep reaching people, connecting with the community and living through Only God!



Pastor Daniel

We are an Online Church with many Locations

During this time we are doing everything we can to keep people connected online. We have lots of different ZOOM GROUPS as well as FACEBOOK LIVE church.


We Value Face-to-face connection.

We care about personally connecting as a church even at six feet apart or further. We'd love to visit you at your home.

We serve those in need.

Generosity is essential in this time. As a church we are striving to be generous and provide for those in need through food, finances, supplies etc.

we believe the best is yet to come