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Awaken Loves Ephrata!

Our heart is to see our communities in Central Washington find hope and freedom through Jesus.


Since Awaken Wenatchee Church opened in 2013 we've been known as a church for everyone, a place to bring those dealing with every kind of hurt life throws at us. We really believe that "God would rather have you messed up than not at all," but he doesn't leave you there. When we encounter God he leads us through incredible life change so that when we look back at our lives we can see what ONLY GOD can do! God is drawing all kinds of people to himself through Awaken - those in recovery, working through divorce and relationship issues, people in physical pain - to find hope and healing through Jesus. It's time for us to spread the message that God loves everyone to our surrounding communities!


Ephrata is a beautiful town neatly situated between Moses Lake, Quincy and Soap Lake. Just like in Wenatchee, Ephrata is full of people who need Jesus. Specifically, Ephrata has an unusually high rate of violence and property crimes for a town of its size. (See stats.) We would love for you to join us in praying for freedom from addiction, for broken families to be restored, for children to grow up in safe homes, for an increase in jobs and decrease in poverty. Let's pray for miracles in individuals that will reshape the town as we know it!

On July 16th at 7pm we are holding a service at the American Legion Building, 276 8th Ave NW. If you or someone you know live in Ephrata or surrounding towns we'd love for you to join us as we worship God and learn about freedom available through Jesus. An offering will be taken to support the Harvill family, who just suffered the loss of their husband/father Alex.

Kids area available with background-checked staff.