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what's with the moose?

Moose do not sweat- We are not going to sweat it because God is in control Moose have great strength – We are not going to depend on our strength. our great strength is the Holy Spirit.

Moose eyes work independently from each other. They can't see what’s ahead of them- We don’t see what’s ahead of us but we will trust that God is ahead of us. He has brought many people with eyes to see what we can't. We will not be a church that works without teams.

Moose are not predators but can be the most dangerous animal- We are called to be gentle but we will be dangerous when it comes to destroying the works of Satan

Moose are awkward sometimes- Being awkward is not bad.  Awaken will be who God  called us to be, we will Go where He asks us to go and do what He wants us to do.  We won’t try and be anyone else.

Moose are head strong - We will always take on something bigger than us when God asks us to. We believe in Only God. If our dreams ARE big enough for us to fulfill it's NOT Only God.